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Visits and activities in Hendaye in the Basque Country


Take advantage of your stay in our Basque Coast, in Hendaye, to learn about surf and /or Paddle board. Hendaye beach is suitable for a beginner public because of its configuration, it is a protected bay and also because it is a sandy beach with a flat bottom.


Many surf schools welcome you to Hendaye, the courses are given by state-certified instructors who will be able to teach you the basics of these water activities and respect for the environment. On their website, you will necessarily find a formula adapted to your needs (individual, group, intensive course…) as well as the proposed prices.


The Basque coast is also the destination of surfers, Hendaye is the resort for the discovery of this activity. Campsite Dorrondeguy in Hendaye is a partner with high quality surf schools. To help you discover surfing and paddle boarding, qualified instructors will make you want to jump into the water and teach you the joys of sliding. Several options are of course available: group, individual, weekly or group lessons… You will find all the information on the respective websites of our partners.

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When we think of the Basque Country, many things come to mind: the Basque language, culture, nature and the gastronomy. Gastronomy reflects the diversity of the Basque Country with a wide choice of local products and just as many seafood products. Among the must-have items that you will certainly bring back with you are: Bayonne ham, sheep’s cheese with black cherry jam, Basque cake.

Museums and visits of the Basque Country:

Abbadia Castle-Observatory in Hendaye

Raised facing the ocean, Château d’Abbadia is a surprising building, with a fascinating history. Built by the architect Viollet-le-Duc between 1860 and 1870 at the request of the scientist Antoine d’Abbadie, it reflects his passion for travel, oriental culture and astronomy. In the neo-Gothic style, its architecture is an invitation to discover its countless rooms, entirely furnished and restored in their original decor.

Château d’Urtubie in Urrugne

Sur la commune d’Urrugne, 3 km from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Urtubie castle is a historical monument belonging to the same family since 1341. Very famous for its architecture, it will also charm you with its furniture and refinement.

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Saint Vincent Church in Urrugne

Come and discover the typical Basque interior of this church listed since 1925 in the inventory of historical monuments.

Ortillopitz, the 17th century Sare house

The “Etxe”, this authentic Basque house dating from 1660, in the middle of its agricultural estate of several hectares, will introduce you to the labourdine architecture and the regional traditions. Through its original furniture, you will go back in time and learn how life was organized as a family in this vast residence.

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The prehistoric caves of Sare

Let yourself be surprised by the discovery of these prehistoric caves by exploring the meanders of its galleries as a family. The geology of this underground world will be counted as well as the mythology and popular beliefs of the Basque Country.

Heritage House in Ainhoa

Discover this classified village and go through the centuries thanks to its history told on a 30 m2 screen curved at 150°. Immerse yourself in the image in search of Harri xuri, the lucky stone, and escape through the territory of Xaretta which gathers 4 villages, and which shelters a historical heritage, cultural and unique natural. Destroyed at the beginning of the 16th century during the Spanish invasions, it was rebuilt around 1550 in a Renaissance style, under the influence of the cultural architecture of Guipuzcoa, a region of the Spanish Basque Country.

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The Blockhouse of the Corniche in Urrugne

campsite Blockaus de la Corniche Urrugne

The Germans, not knowing where the Allied forces were going to land, had blockades built all along the coast, from Norway to Hendaye. German troops arrived in the Basque Country on June 27, 1940. Walking along the coastal path, you can discover, overlooking the cliffs, the only remains of a large camp in good condition.

Church of St. Nicholas of Guethary

His 3-storey galleries, where traditionally only men could climb, will attract your attention as well as the impressive and majestic supporting beams. Its ex-voto ship, a replica of a magnificent three-masted ship, will make you look up at the ceiling and you will discover the whole beauty typical of this 16th century church.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Saint-Jean-De-Luz

It is renowned for its 17th century gilded wooden altarpiece, which is certainly the most monumental in the Basque Country, and for the union celebrated there, that of Louis XIV and the Infanta of Spain. Its elevated altar with twelve steps above the nave level, its galleries, its ex-voto boat and the rich interior decoration will delight you.

Saint-Martin Church in Sare

It is one of the most beautiful churches in Labourd, in the heart of the small village of Sare. Its imposing five-storey bell tower-porch and its 3 levels of carved oak gallery make it a majestic building.

campsite Eglise Saint Nicolas de Guethary

Maison Louis XIV in Saint-Jean-De-Luz

Residence of the King when he married the Infante Marie-Thérèse of Spain in June 1660, the Maison Lohobiague, still belonging to the family of the same name, is one of the most beautiful residences in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Visit the floor where Louis XIV lived for a month, admire the beautiful 17th and 18th century furniture and the beams painted with biblical scenes, and get to know the wax figures in the royal chamber.

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Basque cake museum in Sare

Come with the family to discover the Basque gastronomy ! At the foot of La Rhune, a mythical mountain, and in a green setting, this traditional house will welcome you and reveal, through its workshops, museum or shop, the secrets of making the famous Basque cake.

Ecomusée Basque Jean Vier in Saint-Jean- De-Luz

From the making of chistera (Basque pelota), espadrilles or beret, to the discovery of traditional songs and the custom of weaving flax, you will be immersed in the history of a people steeped in culture, identity and character. The wooded park, the shop and its craft creations, as well as the restaurant, will make you live, as a couple, with friends or family, a authentic and warm journey.

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campsite La Ferme aux Piments pays basque

Through a projection and tasting, you will get to know everything about this spice, which is an integral part of the Basque heritage and which highlights all the restaurants in the region: the Espelette chilli pepper PDO.

Chocolate maker Pariès in Urrugne

Last direct descendant of the Bayonne Chocolatiers, Maison Pariès invites you to immerse yourself in the world of chocolate and other Basque delicacies. Authenticity and quality invite you to visit this new manufacturing site where you will be able to learn all the know-how of this century-old family business.

Brewery Akerbeltz

Let yourself be tempted by the tasting of Basque beers, and during a guided tour, discover their elaboration and production in a friendly atmosphere. Their range of beers will also be offered for sale.

campsite Brasserie Akerbeltz

Tissage Lartigue in Ascain

Les Lartigue workshops open their doors and reveal to you during a guided tour, some secrets of their authentic know-how perpetuated for four generations. A unique experience to live as a family!

Ecomuseum of pelota and xistera pilotari in Saint Pée Sur Nivelle

In the heart of this village where wicker xistera was created in 1857, enter the Donamartia House where all the trade secrets will be revealed. On giant screens, you will be able to watch the performances of great Basque pelota champions and discover the technical complexity of this sport that has become international.

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The Museum of the Sea in Biarritz

The Musée de la Mer Aquarium invites you to discover about fifty aquariums and several thousand species. In this superb art deco monument, you will enjoy a magnificent live show; the seal meal and the shark cave will delight young and old alike.

La Cité de l’Océan in Biarritz

Born in June 2011, this recreational-scientific space is dedicated to the Ocean, and its mission is to raise public awareness of the fragility of its ecosystem. The 3D animations and interactive exhibitions will delight the greatest number of people.

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Hendayais II boat in Hendaye

campsite Bateau Hendayais II

Get on board this boat and set off to discover the Basque Coast from the marina of Hendaye. Choose the package that suits you best: you want to take a walk and enjoy a guided tour (45, 65 or 90 minutes), during the day or at night, learn about sea fishing, or admire a fireworks display from the ocean? The Hendayais can adapt to your desires and make you discover the Basque Coast in a different way.

Train from La Rhune to Sare

La Rhune, whose summit culminates at 905 metres, offers an exceptional 360° panorama on clear days on the Basque Country, Les Landes and the Pyrenees range, and where the blue of the ocean borders the green of a lush vegetation. You can have lunch in one of the three famous ventas, mountain restaurants in the Basque Country. A trail will allow the most experienced to reach the summit by a 2-hour hike, during which you will cross pottoks, small semi wild horses. Aboard the classic 1924 little rack-and-pinion train, the ideal solution for families, it will only take you 35 minutes to reach the coveted summit.


Many restaurants will delight your taste buds, you can taste (depending on the season) chipirons (squid) prepared in ink or plancha, hake, tuna… And then bring back the recipes to delight your friends.

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